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Bug Sweeps

Do you feel like someone is watching you?

Bug Sweeps

If you have a feeling that someone is watching you, it might not be that far fetched. Modern technology makes it possible to put a video camera in an object the size of a button. Iovino IPS provides Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) services to locate and eliminate intrusive devices. Electronic eavesdropping can take the form of an audio or video device that can record information to media, transmit information via the airwaves, or transmit the information over a phone or network line. Most of the devices used are impossible to detect without the use of advanced electronic detection equipment and a skilled operator who knows exactly what to look for.

Some of the things that might indicate that you have been compromised are:

  • Your competitors seem to know about deals and transactions that they shouldn't
  • People outside of your organization know more than they should about your internal operations. This could be anything from company gossip to operational details and proprietary information

While anyone can buy a frequency scanner from a spy shop and do a sweep with it, that does not mean that they will find anything. Performing a comprehensive bug sweep involves using advanced equipment that is appropriate for the situation. It involves analyzing the location for potential security gaps, including phone and fax systems, computer network systems, radio frequencies present in the location, and even looking for devices that only transmit intermittantly that will not be picked up by a normal RF scan.

Iovino IPS can provide you with a thorough analysis and detailed electronic examination of your location to root out any eavsdropping devices that might be present.

If you suspect that your might be bugged, here are some things you should take into consideration immediately:

  • Don't discuss anything confidential in a location that you suspect is bugged
  • Don't discuss the fact that you suspect you might be bugged. This can tip off the eavesdropper.
  • Don't contact an expert from the suspect location to discuss a bug sweep.
  • Do go to a location that you know is secure, maybe a public phone or an associate or friend's location and contact an expert in Technical Surveillance Countermeasures to discuss to situation and get immediate guidance on how to proceed.
  • If you suspect that someone is eavesdropping, DON'T use your cell phone. In fact, don't take your cell phone or any other devices with you when you go to a different location to contact a security expert.

Just a note on cell phones. They can be bugged, and can even be used as eavesdropping devices by the government and could have the potential to be "hacked" by a third party to eavesdrop on you! They can be activated remotely and used to eavesdrop even when they are not in use. The only safe way to avoid this if you are suspicious is to remove the battery from the phone.

Checking for hidden eavesdropping devices is just one component of a comprhensive security plan. Call us today to schedule an appointment for a security evaluation at your facility.